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UK–US English differences

How the UK and the US are divided by a common language!

N.B. This is not, and probably never will be, a full and comprehensive list!

UK English
US English
acclimatise acclimate
ageing aging
agonise agonize
aluminium aluminum
amortise amortize
anaesthetic anesthetic
analogue analog
analyse analyze
apologise apologize
ardour ardor
artefact artifact
authorise authorize
axe ax
backpedalled backpedaled
bannister banister
baptise baptize
behaviour behavior
bejewelled bejeweled
calibre caliber
callipers calipers
car automobile
catalogue catalog
centre center
characterise characterize
cheque check
chequered checkered
cinema theater
clamour clamor
colour color
cosy cozy
criticise criticize
customise customize
defence defense
demeanour demeanor
dialling dialing
dishevelled disheveled
dived dove past tense of to dive
emphasise emphasize
endeavour endeavor
favour favor
favourite favorite
fibre fiber
flavour flavor
fulfil fulfill
fulfilment fulfillment
galvanise galvanize
gaol jail
grey gray
ground floor first floor
harbour harbor
harmonise harmonize
honour honor
humour humor
installment instalment
jam jelly
jewellery jewelry
judgement judgment non-court related
kerb curb
labour labor
lift elevator
litre liter
lustre luster
manoeuvre maneuver
marvellous marvelous
mould mold
nappy diaper
neighbour neighbor
odour odor
offence offense
omelette omelet
organisation organization
organise organize
parlour parlor
pavement sidewalk
plough plow
porridge oatmeal
practise practice as a verb
pretence pretense
programme program non-computer related
pyjamas pajamas
realise realize
rubbish garbage
rumour rumor
sceptic skeptic
sceptical skeptical
scepticism skepticism
snowplough snowplow
splendour splendor
storey story of a building
sulphur sulfur
tap faucet
travelled traveled
vapour vapor
vigour vigor

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