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Here you will find articles on Pronunciation and languages.

The Tour de France: a tour de force by Anne O'Connell 15 July 2015 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Pronunciation and languages]
Easter egg's and Easter bunnie's don't have apostrophe's! by Marilyn Owen 2 April 2015 [Pronunciation and languages; Communication and language]
Drug left me horrified by Garry Pierrepont 25 March 2015 [Pronunciation and languages; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Gloˀ al stop - or whaˀ by Marilyn Owen 15 July 2014 [Pronunciation and languages]
To learn a language - immerse yourself by Garry Pierrepont 8 July 2014 [Pronunciation and languages]
When in Rome - all speak English by Garry Pierrepont 17 June 2014 [Pronunciation and languages]
Say aitch or I'll scream by Garry Pierrepont 23 November 2010 [Pronunciation and languages]
The power of the spoken word by Romany Howes 8 January 2010 [Communication and language; Pronunciation and languages]
Dictionary editors turn to Bebo for new words by Garry Pierrepont 13 February 2009 [Communication and language; Pronunciation and languages]

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