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E-book conversion: what is it?

by: Garry Pierrepont (5 January 2015)

Weíve been doing it for months (years actually), but I only found out recently that itís called e-book conversion.

Itís the process of taking a printed book and converting it into an e-book. The term e-book conversion is obvious really, I guess.

At WriteItClearly.com we have the process very neatly pinned down. It means taking the printed book, scanning it and converting it into a Word document (Optical Character Recognition = OCR). Unfortunately that process picks up errors from blemishes on the page Ė and OCR is not perfect Ė so the whole book then needs to be proofread. Of course, at WriteItClearly.com, thatís where our expertise lies.

So if you are a publisher who needs books converting from print to e-book, come to WriteItClearly.com.

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Ref: 145 Many interesting books that may have been forgotten about are becoming available as E-books, and what a convenient way to read them!
Marilyn - 10:08 05-01-2015
Ref: 144 The beauty of this is that we can prepare existing manuscripts that were previously only available in hard copy, ready for transfer to any e-reader!
Romany - 09:50 05-01-2015

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