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Fifty Shades of Grey

by: Romany Howes (24 February 2015)

I havenít read it and I havenít seen the film. Thereís a simple explanation: someone told me that there were so many grammatical errors in the book that it was hard to read, and, being a grammatist, I find it impossible not to read a book for pleasure without spotting mistakes. And I donít like watching films until Iíve read the book. So it seems that my film-going ventures will be limited to The Theory of Everything and Big Six Hero!

However, having spent the past few years proofreading old novels, itís surprising how many books have mistakes in them. One classic example was the name change of one of the sub-characters half way through . . . Marion suddenly became Marianne. Confusing? Just slightly. In American-published novels, Ďtoní often changes to Ďtonneí , Ďcenterí frequently becomes Ďcentreí and so on and so forth. A writer, just like a film director, must always aim for complete continuity in spelling and grammar.

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The purpose of a novel is to lose yourself in the story, not pick up on annoying little grammar or spelling mistakes. So if you are writing a novel, or if you are a publisher or owner of an authorís estate who wants to put that authorís books onto e-media, then get it proofed properly. Once itís in hard print, then thereís no going back. A professional proofreader is essential, so donít cut corners, get a free quote and make sure that your work is perfect for reading.


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BlogSpot List


Ref: 157 The odd, overlooked typo can be - overlooked - but when there are many mistakes, sometimes on every page, this can really spoil the book for the reader.
Marilyn - 22:15 09-03-2015
Ref: 155 Nothing worse than a book with mistakes in it!
Romany - 14:11 26-02-2015

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