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The Butterfly Saturday Reading School

by: Marilyn Owen (8 March 2015)

Children who have fallen behind with their reading benefit greatly by having additional help. Reading delay may be due to disadvantage or there may be a problem such as dyslexia. Literacy programmes often achieve astounding results and the Butterfly reading programme is a great example.

As a proofreader, I have an interest in promoting literacy. I often feel that the errors I correct may be due to gaps in education, and I was delighted to come across the Butterfly teaching method. We, at WriteItClearly.com, as specialising in delivering excellent proofreading services, are always ready to support such literacy initiatives

What is the Butterfly Saturday Reading School?

The Butterfly Saturday Reading School is an exciting, interventionist programme in the borough of Westminster in London. It was set up to tackle crime and low literacy levels in the area by helping children to reach their full reading potential.

The Saturday school teaches a variety of children, aged five to twelve, from the most deprived areas in London and takes place in the underprivileged borough of Westminster. It uses a special phonics reading system to help the children learn and improve their literacy levels, called The Butterfly Reading Programme.

What kind of reading system is The Butterfly Reading Programme?

The lessons use the well-proven phonics system, which is the most efficient method of teaching reading to children. This is called Synthetic Phonics and is based on The Butterfly Book by Irina Tyk.

Children are taught in whole classes (the desks are set out in rows and the children face the teacher) and are grouped according to reading ability. The teachers are dedicated volunteers who spend their week planning the engaging lessons in various ways to keep the children’s focus and interest, so that they develop all the skills of reading, writing and spelling.

And the results?

The results are fantastic! The classes have been going for 14 years and the level of the children’s reading has been improving amazingly. In fact, the children’s reading ages rise by over a year and this is in just 20 hours of Butterfly teaching.

The literacy programme, which also includes the summer school and the Youth Life Project, has a far-reaching effect on local communities transforming lives and educational attainment, preventing adult illiteracy, and tackling crime and disadvantage.

And the potential?

The aim is for the programme to be adopted in other parts of the country, with special focus on deprived communities.

Increased literacy and education generally are the most potent ways to reach out to individuals and communities.


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Ref: 158 yes a worthy cause.
Romany - 10:55 10-03-2015
Ref: 156 Sounds like a very worthwhile programme.
Garry - 20:43 09-03-2015

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