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Three great names for our baby Princess

by: Marilyn Owen (7 May 2015)

The birth of the new princess has brought a ray of sunshine to most of the British public. Only staunch anti-royalists may not show too much enthusiasm – otherwise there is much public elation. There was much speculation and a feeling of anticipation concerning the names of the new princess. Finally, after a comparatively short waiting time, we learned that the names chosen for the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a perfect combination that should satisfy both the royals and the public.

The little princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, following the tradition of naming a royal baby after its most important relatives. Those who dearly loved Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997, would be most affronted if Diana had not been chosen as one of the Princess’s names. However, of course the Queen takes precedence over Diana, so Elizabeth had to precede Diana in the order of things.

Charles to Charlotte

Interestingly, the name Charlotte is, in fact, the feminine derivative of Charles, which means free man from its Germanic root. In French, Charlotte means sun hat – however, the French meaning is a later development.

Princess Charlotte will only become Queen in the event that her brother Prince George has no children. If so, she will be able to use any of her three names were she to accede to the throne one day.

Interestingly, I find, in the course of proofreading, that very few spelling mistakes are made when writing names in documents. This is despite the fact that many names have alternative spellings such as Ann and Anne or Geoffrey and Jeffrey. However, if you are unsure about any spellings in your document we are always available to help with proofreading services at WriteItClearly.com.

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Ref: 169 With the privacy plea they issued, hopefully she'll be out of the spotlight until she's at least 18!
Romany - 17:39 07-05-2015
Ref: 168 Gawd bless 'er
Garry - 16:56 07-05-2015

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