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Cooking up a problem for panini

by: Garry Pierrepont (12 May 2015)

Panino plural gone wrong

Oh, they did so well . . . but fell just short!

“Baked potatoes” with the correct plural. “Toasties” with the correct plural. They didn’t fall into the panic trap of seeing a plural of a word ending in a vowel and unthinkingly chucking in an apostrophe.

But then it all falls apart with “PANINI’S”.

Firstly, panino (an Italian word) – a grilled sandwich made with ciabatta or similar bread – is the singular, and panini is the plural, so there is no need to add an s on the end to make panini any more plural. But then they compound the error with an apostrophe – what a shame.

Should have used a proofreader!

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Ref: 170 Why do many people feel compelled to put an apostrophe on at least one plural word? And panini doesn't need a plural anyway - which kind of makes it worse!
Marilyn - 17:07 12-05-2015

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