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NME to be given away for free

by: Garry Pierrepont (6 July 2015)

In response to plummeting circulation NME is to go free from 18 September.

The music magazine, which has been in print since 1963, has seen sales slump to below 15,000, so owners Time Inc UK have decided to act. In a couple of months, the title will be given away free at stations, retail partners and universities 300,000 copies will be printed.

NME will also be changing its content strategy saying that music is "firmly at the heart of the brand", but additional content will look at "film, fashion, television, politics, gaming and technology".

NME editor Mike Williams hopes that the new strategy will help the magazine to "find new and inventive ways to connect with our audience".

This is a fascinating move for such an established title and seems to demonstrate the problem that printed titles have in modern times. With most people of the younger generation staring at their phones most of the time and expecting 'stuff' for free it must be increasingly difficult for magazines to make a mark i.e. get sold. NME has many online competitors in the music arena. At least they have responded to the challenge that the disappearing circulation has caused.

Mike Williams said: "[It] doesn't mean leaving print behind, but it does mean that print has to change, so I'm incredibly excited by the role it will now play as part of the new NME. The future is an exciting place, and NME just kicked the door down."

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 182 I'm interested to see how this approach will work. Could it increase readership and give advertisers a better return on their investment?
Anne - 15:42 07-07-2015
Ref: 181 Used to get NME in the heyday. What a good idea to try and get people back to the real thing!
Romany - 14:52 06-07-2015

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