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Do you have a book in you?

by: Anne O'Connell (5 August 2015)

It seems that everywhere I look online at the moment there is information about writing and self-publishing. Are you writing a book? Have you had an idea for a novel bubbling away inside for years? Do you dream of writing the story that is incubating in your head?

Whether itís a full-length novel, a short story or a collection of poems, getting your work published has never been easier. With the explosion of e-book publishing in recent years, and the number of ways to self-publish, there has never been a better time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

A word of caution, though: pay attention to the quality of the finished product as well as the story and characters. Youíve probably read a book, particularly an electronic one, that has carried errors, typos, messy formatting ... annoying, wasnít it? Thatís where we come in. At WriteItClearly.com, we can proofread your manuscript, format it correctly, and convert it for e-book publication. That will increase the chances of it being accepted for publication, and ensure that those who read it enjoy it at its best.

Go, on, get writing! And then contact us for help with the next step.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 192 I have read so many books that have silly mistakes in them. Scientifically, your eyes see what your brain has written so if there is a mistake, you are less likely to spot it yourself. THIRD EYE!
Romany - 08:23 06-08-2015
Ref: 191 Writing a book is hard enough. It's definitely the right thing to get someone else (WriteItClearly.com!) to look for errors, typos, messy formatting
Garry - 16:49 05-08-2015

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