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Do you know your vlogger from your plogger?

by: Garry Pierrepont (3 November 2015)

I guess we all know what a blogger is by now: someone who writes a web log (weblog). When I heard of vloggers, it made me wonder what other kind of loggers there are.

Well, there are quite a few. Not all will make it into this year’s OED, not all are people, and not all are very easy to understand! But most of the alphabet is already covered!

Alogger: programming language log
Dlogger:data logger
Elogger: electronic logger software
Glogger: portable or wearable devices that measure electrical signals on the body
Ilogger: defines an MSBuild logger
Jlogger: jabber message transporter
Klogger: PHP text file logging class
Llogger: Java debugging assistance
Mlogger: saves data from an experiment to a disk
Ologger: object separated logs
Plogger: photo logger
QLogger: a logging framework for C++
Rlogger: used in Perl programming
Tlogger: captures click-stream web browsing logs
Ulogger: application debugging assistance program
Vlogger: video logger
Wlogger: monitoring and spy software that enables you to secretly record all keystrokes
Xlogger: Java logging class
Ylogger: interface for loggers
ZLogger: a backend tool used to generate cleaner logs

Apart from the words clogger, flogger, slogger I reckon that leaves H and N. Got an idea for a new kind of log for hlogger or nlogger?

Get in there quick!

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 219 Yet another batch of jargon words that most people will never use or understand!
Romany - 08:16 04-11-2015
Ref: 218 Well I learnt some new words there...
Anne - 12:38 03-11-2015

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