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A book lover’s Christmas

by: Anne O'Connell (8 December 2015)

It’s OK to talk about Christmas now, isn’t it? I think the bah humbugs are outnumbered now that we’re a little over a fortnight away from the big day. If the queue of cars outside my local garden centre at the weekend is anything to go by, many people have now bought their tree and decorations even if they’ve not put them up.

It’s easy to get annoyed with the adverts and commercialism of Christmas, but it does provide a lovely excuse to buy books or have books bought for you. Buying presents for book lovers is a pleasure not a chore with so many titles published at this time of year, and you know that a gift card or book token will be gratefully received as it allows recipients to make their own choice and enjoy a visit to a bookshop.

While some complain about nothing to do in the ‘dead’ days between Christmas and New Year, a book lover relishes a day with time to read. If your loved one is an avid reader or aspiring writer, perhaps the best gift you could give them this Christmas is the time to read or write once the Christmas holidays are over. So, why not offer to babysit or do some gardening one Saturday afternoon so they can curl up with a book or a pen and indulge their passion?

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 234 One of my relatives buys everyone a book at Xmas, and we swap them once we have finished. Family book club, can't beat it!
Romany - 10:00 08-12-2015
Ref: 233 Few things better than settling down with a good book!
Garry - 09:43 08-12-2015

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