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The 'Apostrophiser' gets it right

by: Garry Pierrepont (5 April 2017)

You may well have read about this guy on your favourite social media feed: he is the 'Apostrophiser' or 'Grammar Vigilante' of Bristol.

He goes around at night and erases incorrect apostrophes on business signs by using stickers.

I was intrigued when I read comments on Facebook about this. Some considered it to be a crime (defacing other people's property, I guess). Others thought he should spend his time catching 'real' criminals (this was particularly bizarre; he's not a policeman, he's a proofreader – we don't catch criminals when we're not checking other people's work!).

Others responded to the crime accusation by saying that the real 'crime' was in the misplaced apostrophe in the first place. I tend to agree with that sentiment. And, anyway, he was only using a sticker; the owner of the business can elect to remove the sticker and perpetuate the error, or leave the sticker in place to correct the error.

My personal view is that we should eradicate these errors, so well done to the Apostrophiser.

But there is a (slightly) deeper question here: why don't signwriters employ proofreaders to ensure that these errors are not put on signs in the first place?

The BBC's take on this, including the video.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 250 Yes, he needs to get out and about - or inspire others to do the same!
Garry - 13:59 05-04-2017
Ref: 249 Bravo Apostrophiser! A gentle approach rather than criminal damage to my mind. Now if he just fancies a trip up the M5 to Worcester...
Anne - 13:55 05-04-2017

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