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Save time and achieve better results ... with style

by: Anne O'Connell (9 August 2017)

We've come a long way in a short time when it comes to producing written documents. In my first office job 20 years ago, there was still a typist; then came word processing terminals and desk-top publishing. Now we're accustomed to (if not fond of) reading documents on screen rather than in hard copy. It's no less important, though, to ensure that your work is accurate.

How much attention do you pay to how it looks, though? A well-presented document won't necessarily get you more marks from your tutor, but it will make his or her job easier and create a better impression. That's also true in a business environment: if you make a document easy to navigate, it looks more professional and your boss or client can glean information more easily. Applying a consistent style to documents from your company makes sense.

If you use Microsoft Word and have never sworn at it or your computer, you're a better person than I am. While it can be frustrating to use, once you've coaxed it into doing what you want, a world of possibilities is at your fingertips. The Styles menu could be your new best friend: with just one click, consistent font, size, paragraph spacing and alignment is yours! It's especially useful when dealing with longer documents such as dissertations or reports, as headings are nested and numbered automatically. Next time you have a spare five minutes, have a look to see what you could achieve.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 265 An undoubtedly useful feature.
Garry - 12:17 09-08-2017

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