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John Pye took the self-publishing route to success

by: Garry Pierrepont (8 November 2013)

Author John Pye got fed up with repeated rejections from publication houses and decided to give self-publishing a go.

He realised that while self-publishing itself might be an easy process, the task of book promotion was the difficult part. He published on Kindle and used Facebook and Twitter to promote his book, Cathedral of Lies. Sales were soon in the hundreds and positive reviews on Amazon in the dozens many asking for a sequel.

John has been happy with self-publishing and the control it has given him. I can change the price, change the cover and the content if the need occurs, he says. He says that selling via Amazon and getting reader reviews helps the "selling process no end."

The drawbacks of self-publishing are in the marketing. John says that it's a "stressful, never-ending task." He reckoned he spent more time on this than actually writing the book.

Nevertheless, he would do it all again, and he's working on a sequel to Cathedral of Lies.

While John believes that the services of an editor are outside the financial reach of most self-publishing authors, he says, "diligent editing and proofreading are vital if a book is to be considered as a worthwhile read."

Well, wed agree with you on that, John! Try our services at WriteItClearly.com.

Original article at www.theguardian.com/books/2013/nov/05/john-pye-self-publishing-control.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 18 Yes, if you aim to self publish it is important to get your book proofread, as even if you have good spelling and grammatical skills it is so easy to create typos and miss errors.
Marilyn - 13:41 08-11-2013
Ref: 17 (14) I guess it's like anything: you get what you pay for and it's worth shopping around. However, in this case, I think he did it all himself.
Garry - 11:49 08-11-2013
Ref: 14 I like the idea of self publishing but why does the cost differ so radically from one self publishing company to another?
Romany - 11:22 08-11-2013

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