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Exam Overhaul or U-Turn?

by: Romany Howes (12 November 2013)

New GCSE gradings are being introduced with a new numbering system (9-1) instead of the letters (A*-G), and a return to the old exam testing system instead of continuous assessment. Oddly, those whose work is unclassified will still receive a U grade ... obviously no one round the table managed to find an equivalent number!

According to the Government, frequent testing meant "not enough attention was paid to grammar, spelling and punctuation." If the new system (effectively a return to the education procedure of the 1970s) works, then we must welcome the change and believe the words of the Schools Minister Elizabeth Truss who said: "What we want to do is encourage schools to focus on those core skills that employers really want, because that is what is going to help our children get jobs when they leave school."

In the meantime (the changes come into effect in 2017), let us pay attention to your grammar, spelling and punctuation. It's official, it's what employers want after all!

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 21 I think keeping coursework is so important. Like Garry says, changing the grades doesn't mean anything if our teens aren't learning - but scrapping coursework isn't the way to go! CW eases the pressure of exams, which already turn plenty of kids (and fully grown adults!) to pieces, while testing in a far less artificial format. Yes spelling and grammar are important, but EVERYONE uses spellcheck these days, so surely the kids can...
Hana - 23:44 13-11-2013
Ref: 20 I don't see why more attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation should not be incorporated into coursework anyway. Why not have some coursework as well as a final exam?
Marilyn - 23:16 13-11-2013
Ref: 19 Changing the grades is fluff. The real aim must be to improve literacy and numeracy, where England lags behind, according to recent news.
Garry - 13:27 13-11-2013

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