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Because - the new preposition

by: Marilyn Owen (2 January 2014)

It's official the popular internet usage of the conjunction 'because', which traditionally we have all used in sentence to denote reasons for things has now evolved into a preposition like 'for' or 'at'. In normal life we might say: "I had a snack because I was hungry." But not so on the internet or in email-speak - people will just type quickly: "I had a snack because hungry." The conjunction 'because' has become the preposition 'because'. Why? Because lack of time or because internet.

Such evolution of words and phrases originating from popular internet usage is still, however, considered ungrammatical; there is no way a person could correctly write like that in an essay or thesis for example or in a business correspondence.

Be careful that you write in correct, grammatical English. What may be appropriate for friendly exchanges on the internet, by email, or by text just won't do in an official correspondence.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 44 Cos is more acceptable than because nowadays.
Romany - 13:19 02-01-2014
Ref: 43 Lazy English does not equal correct English. Grrrr!
Garry - 13:07 02-01-2014

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