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The mystery of life

by: Romany Howes (28 March 2014)

I recently heard about a schoolchild who was complaining about his English homework across his various social media networking sites: "Got to write original story," he texted/tweeted/instagrammed. "Canít think of anything to write! Where am I going to get idea from?" Various beeps and alerts later, he continued: "Dad's thrown me off X-box to watch boring news. Some planeís missing."

As unbelievable as the continuing saga of flight MH370 is, it has fired the imagination and enthralled and shocked us all. We can only imagine and sympathise with the relatives waiting for news. How is it possible for a plane to simply disappear without trace, when satellites and GPS can allegedly pinpoint exactly where a person is at any time of the day and night? Conspiracy theories abound and more than one source has pointed out parallels with the TV series, Lost.

My point is that kids today will avidly watch TV shows such as Lost, 24 and Game of Thrones, but watching the news can bring as much inspiration and imagination as fictional TV. Encourage kids to watch current affairs: sometimes fact and fiction are not too far removed.

How about this for an original idea: a famous Olympic gold medallist, who lost his legs, thought he heard a burglar so fired his gun, killing the 'burglar' who turned out to be his beautiful ex-model girlfriend in the bathroom . . . too far-fetched? Maybe youíre right.

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Ref: 67 It's a shame that if it's real it seems to be of little interest to our youngsters.
Garry - 19:29 31-03-2014

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