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When in Rome - all speak English

by: Garry Pierrepont (17 June 2014)

Having just been on holiday to Rome, I was struck by two things regarding language:

  1. We Brits (and I include myself most emphatically in this) are lazy when it comes to speaking foreign languages.
  2. English in Rome, at least is still the key language.

I made some attempts to speak Italian (I can only imagine how awful my accent must sound!), but the Italians certainly in the capital city all spoke reasonable English, and were happy to speak in English (it must help business, of course!).

I was fascinated to see that many signs in Rome are in English, as well as Italian, and some are only in English. It must be down to the number of American visitors rather than Brits, but it was also interesting to note that Germans or French would speak to Italians in English still the common tongue.

Despite the number of visitors from the east, it is going to be many years before Chinese script replaces English on signs in Rome. Look at Latin, it has lasted for thousands of years in the Roman Forum!

As for hotel receptionists as in England, none were natives. In fact, they were mostly German and spoke perfect English.

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Ref: 79 Worcester now has signs in Polish. But luckily they are also still in English too.
Romany - 16:16 19-06-2014

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