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Decadence sends the wrong message on The Apprentice

by: Garry Pierrepont (15 October 2014)

The choice by the "girls" on The Apprentice last night of a team name of "Decadence" was crass in the extreme.

Even Lord Sugar mocked it.

Decadence means "the process or manifestation of moral or cultural decline" (Concise OED). Surely not the message the girls' team wanted to convey.

The girl (Nurun) who came up with the idea wanted, in some way, to mark the tenth anniversary of the show, and played on the word "decade", but came up with the wrong answer!

Even decade itself would be fraught with danger as some pronounce it as "decayed" an equally unworthy message!

As decade comes from the Greek "deka" for ten, and there were ten girls at the start of this series of The Apprentice, they should have used the word for girl, "koritsi", and come up with Decakoritsi as a team name.

But what is the point of trying to be too clever for the team name on the Apprentice? Just call yourselves InItForTheCash or something.

But it does demonstrate the danger of not knowing what words mean even apparently obvious words like decadence.

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BlogSpot List


Ref: 117 The word decadence is probably the name of some perfume and conjures up the image, for me, of a Roman lady being pampered on a sofa - so definitely the opposite meaning of what they wanted to convey!
Marilyn - 10:19 16-10-2014
Ref: 116 The penguins had more sense than the candidates, evidently.
Garry - 15:52 15-10-2014
Ref: 115 Frankly, I was amazed when they chose the name! But unsurprised as most of them seem a little out of their league with reality. I mean, trying to sell cleaning stuff to penguins???
Romany - 15:34 15-10-2014

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