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We make words work for you

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WriteItClearly.com writing, editing and proofreading services

E-book conversion services


Up to 60,000 words
60,001 - 90,000 words
90,001 - 120,000 words
120,001 - 150,000 words
For longer books, please contact us.
Call Romany on 01905 921854 or Garry on 07736 101889 or email enquiries@writeitclearly.com

What do we do?

  1. We SCAN existing manuscripts, books and novels using the most advanced OCR software.
  2. We CONVERT the scan into editable text.
  3. We PROOFREAD, EDIT and FORMAT the text for e-readers.

How is this different from photocopying or other scans?

We can EDIT the text, which means that any errors can be spotted and changed by our experienced and trained team of proofreaders. OCR scans will pick up any mark or imperfection in a document and convert it into a recognisable character. We eliminate these marks so you end up with a perfect document in terms of spelling, grammar and formatting.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is an advanced technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned text, paper documents, PDF files or images. It converts previously unalterable documents into documents that can be manually changed. We use the industry recognised ABBYY software.

Three-stage process

Scanned image Converted image Proofed document

1. Scan the original page. Here is the original page from the book.

2. Convert the page to Word. This is the result and there are nine things to check:

  1. Remove the page number.
  2. Remove the page header.
  3. Get rid of 'optional' hyphenation.
  4. Ensure correct hyphenation is retained.
  5. Full stop has been lost.
  6. The numeral '1' should be 'I'.
  7. 'oast' should read 'cast'.
  8. 'die' should read 'the'.
  9. The word 'slight' looks odd and must be checked.

3. Proofread the Word document, make the necessary changes to end up with a correctly proofed document, which is ready for typesetting.

Why choose us?

WriteItClearly.com is a well-established and trusted resource for publishers. We are experts in converting existing, out of print or old books to digital format for placement on e-readers. We have been working with one of the largest publishing houses in the UK for many years, converting thousands of old manuscripts.
We offer the most competitive prices in the market, from £250 per book. Simply call Romany on 01905 921854 or Garry on 07736 101889 or email enquiries@writeitclearly.com for further information.


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