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What have you got planned for the New Year? by Garry Pierrepont 3 January 2018 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
'Grammar vigilante' at work by Garry Pierrepont 21 September 2017 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
Next Game of Thrones book 'at proofreading stage' by Garry Pierrepont 24 May 2017 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
Translators need proofreaders too by Garry Pierrepont 9 May 2017 [Communication and language; Proofreading]
The 'Apostrophiser' gets it right by Garry Pierrepont 5 April 2017 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Even you (and I) need a proofreader by Anne O'Connell 2 March 2017 [Proofreading; Miscellaneous]
Both parents should influence the choice of schoolwear by Garry Pierrepont 1 March 2017 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
Wrong 'Hail Mary' finds its way into Sri Lankan hymn book by Garry Pierrepont 16 January 2017 [Proofreading; Writing and literature]
Morrissey's first book slammed by Romany Howes 2 December 2015 [Proofreading; Miscellaneous]
It's a long road to success by Garry Pierrepont 23 November 2015 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
It's National Novel Writing Month by Anne O'Connell 17 November 2015 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
Spotted in Worcester by Romany Howes 19 October 2015 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Is it time for your book? by Garry Pierrepont 7 October 2015 [Technology and e-books; Proofreading]
Your website is your shop window by Anne O'Connell 22 September 2015 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Proofreading dissertations by Romany Howes 24 July 2015 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
So you think you can write humour? by Romany Howes 9 June 2015 [Miscellaneous; Proofreading]
Capital letters in odd places by Marilyn Owen 27 May 2015 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
It's official, reading is coming back by Romany Howes 20 May 2015 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
Cooking up a problem for panini by Garry Pierrepont 12 May 2015 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
Fifty Shades of Grey by Romany Howes 24 February 2015 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Difficulties faced by international students learning English by Marilyn Owen 28 January 2015 [Communication and language; Proofreading]
OCR: quality versus quantity? by Romany Howes 13 January 2015 [Proofreading; Technology and e-books]
E-book conversion: what is it? by Garry Pierrepont 5 January 2015 [Technology and e-books; Proofreading]
Can you spot the problem with this headmaster's letter? by Marilyn Owen 16 December 2014 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Going for the literary gold by Marilyn Owen 20 November 2014 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
Vape: Word of the Year by Garry Pierrepont 18 November 2014 [Communication and language; Proofreading]
We all have different talents by Marilyn Owen 6 November 2014 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Enough to give you a heart attack! by Garry Pierrepont 4 November 2014 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Even robots aren't safe from ebola by Romany Howes 29 October 2014 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Why is the English article such a problem? by Marilyn Owen 23 October 2014 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
Grammar and spelling don't matter - try telling NASA by Romany Howes 20 October 2014 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
There, their and they're by Marilyn Owen 14 October 2014 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
The complexities of written English by Romany Howes 7 October 2014 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Lose the dot on a capital I by Garry Pierrepont 30 September 2014 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
Proofreading Services by Romany Howes 1 September 2014 [Proofreading]
Paying for proofreading students' work by Romany Howes 5 August 2014 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]
Teacher corrects poorly written letter from pupil by Marilyn Owen 28 May 2014 [Proofreading; Education]
OCR is good - but it's not perfect by Garry Pierrepont 18 March 2014 [Proofreading; Technology and e-books]
Flood defences or a bit of light relief by Romany Howes 13 February 2014 [Proofreading; Miscellaneous]
Stay consistent as language develops by Garry Pierrepont 2 December 2011 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Why is my CV rejected? by Romany Howes 21 October 2011 [Proofreading; CVs]
Proofreading exercise by Garry Pierrepont 14 October 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
Beware incorrect compound words - thank you! by Garry Pierrepont 7 October 2011 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Proofeading in a foreign language by Garry Pierrepont 15 September 2011 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
Proofreading rates by Garry Pierrepont 16 August 2011 [Proofreading]
Proofreading academic work by Garry Pierrepont 11 August 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
Proofreading tests by Garry Pierrepont 19 July 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
How to start proofreading by Garry Pierrepont 13 July 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
Proofreading jobs by Garry Pierrepont 30 June 2011 [Proofreading]
Proofreading groups by Garry Pierrepont 14 June 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
Proofreading courses by Garry Pierrepont 1 June 2011 [Proofreading; Education]
Be fussy - it's what we do! by Garry Pierrepont 8 July 2010 [Proofreading]
A good-sounding abbreviation is not always an acronym by Garry Pierrepont 12 November 2009 [Proofreading; Communication and language]
The poor apostrophe gets bashed again by Garry Pierrepont 2 February 2009 [Punctuation, spelling and grammar; Proofreading]
Aspects of proofreading sometimes neglected by Garry Pierrepont 24 December 2008 [Proofreading]
Xmas cheer by Romany Howes 15 December 2008 [Proofreading; Punctuation, spelling and grammar]
The finer points of homonyms - hmmm! by Marilyn Owen 05 September 2008 [Writing and literature; Proofreading]

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