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Here you will find articles on a whole range of writing topics.

Add a new string to your bow by Anne O'Connell 26 February 2018
How do you proofread hieroglyphics? by Garry Pierrepont 22 January 2018
Recharge your mind by Anne O'Connell 10 January 2018
What have you got planned for the New Year? by Garry Pierrepont 3 January 2018
Do you need to bother with social media? by Anne O'Connell 10 November 2017
What book will be on your Christmas list? by Garry Pierrepont 31 October 2017
Make use of your local library by Anne O'Connell 16 October 2017
'Grammar vigilante' at work by Garry Pierrepont 21 September 2017
Save time and achieve better results ... with style by Anne O'Connell 9 August 2017
Fiction or non-fiction – which do you prefer? by Garry Pierrepont 1 August 2017
Change is the new normal by Anne O'Connell 26 July 2017
Get writing to keep your brain active by Garry Pierrepont 19 July 2017
Brits centre stage in a quintessentially English event by Anne O'Connell 12 July 2017
How Waitrose used the grocer's apostrophe by Garry Pierrepont 6 July 2017
Take a (short) break to improve concentration by Anne O'Connell 28 June 2017
How to keep working in the heat! by Garry Pierrepont 20 June 2017
Reading improves emotional intelligence by Anne O'Connell 31 May 2017
Next Game of Thrones book 'at proofreading stage' by Garry Pierrepont 24 May 2017
Musical heroes by Anne O'Connell 18 May 2017
Translators need proofreaders too by Garry Pierrepont 9 May 2017
Turned out nice again by Anne O'Connell 27 April 2017
Oh dear, we don't read as much as we claim by Garry Pierrepont 21 April 2017
Bank holidays ahoy! by Anne O'Connell 12 April 2017
The 'Apostrophiser' gets it right by Garry Pierrepont 5 April 2017
Even you (and I) need a proofreader by Anne O'Connell 2 March 2017
Why are grammar schools so named? by Garry Pierrepont 14 March 2017
Get your grey cells going by Anne O'Connell 10 March 2017
Both parents should influence the choice of schoolwear by Garry Pierrepont 1 March 2017
The clever little old grammar rule you didn't know you knew by Anne O'Connell 24 January 2017
Wrong 'Hail Mary' finds its way into Sri Lankan hymn book by Garry Pierrepont 16 January 2017
Where are all Birmingham’s overdue library books? by Garry Pierrepont 12 January 2016
A book lover’s Christmas by Anne O'Connell 8 December 2015
Morrissey's first book slammed by Romany Howes 2 December 2015
It's a long road to success by Garry Pierrepont 23 November 2015
It's National Novel Writing Month by Anne O'Connell 17 November 2015
What is the difference between proofreading and rewriting? by Romany Howes 10 November 2015
Do you know your vlogger from your plogger? by Garry Pierrepont 3 November 2015
SPECTRE: why is the title of the new Bond film in capitals? by Anne O'Connell 27 October 2015
Spotted in Worcester by Romany Howes 19 October 2015
Is it time for your book? by Garry Pierrepont 7 October 2015
Your website is your shop window by Anne O'Connell 22 September 2015
Authors raise money for refugees in Europe by Garry Pierrepont 15 September 2015
How to master academic writing by Romany Howes 9 September 2015
Making a good first impression by Anne O'Connell 26 August 2015
How books really can save lives by Garry Pierrepont 18 August 2015
Exam results farce . . . again by Romany Howes 13 August 2015
Do you have a book in you? by Anne O'Connell 5 August 2015
How many of these 'must-read' children's books did you read? by Garry Pierrepont 29 July 2015
Proofreading dissertations by Romany Howes 24 July 2015
The Tour de France: a tour de force by Anne O'Connell 15 July 2015
NME to be given away for free by Garry Pierrepont 6 July 2015
So you think you can write humour? by Romany Howes 9 June 2015
It's important to get those FIFA names right by Garry Pierrepont 4 June 2015
Capital letters in odd places by Marilyn Owen 27 May 2015
It's official, reading is coming back by Romany Howes 20 May 2015
Cooking up a problem for panini by Garry Pierrepont 12 May 2015
Three great names for our baby Princess by Marilyn Owen 7 May 2015
Election Speshul . . . Do politicians deed English lessons? by Romany Howes 30 April 2015
Consistency is the key by Garry Pierrepont 8 April 2015
Easter egg's and Easter bunnie's don't have apostrophe's! by Marilyn Owen 2 April 2015
Drug left me horrified by Garry Pierrepont 25 March 2015
The Butterfly Saturday Reading School by Marilyn Owen 8 March 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey by Romany Howes 24 February 2015
To read or not to re-read - that is the question! by Marilyn Owen 15 February 2015
Are sequels ever better? by Romany Howes 4 February 2015
Difficulties faced by international students learning English by Marilyn Owen 28 January 2015
The English spelling system - is it time for change? by Marilyn Owen 21 January 2015
OCR: quality versus quantity? by Romany Howes 13 January 2015
E-book conversion: what is it? by Garry Pierrepont 5 January 2015
Can you spot the problem with this headmaster's letter? by Marilyn Owen 16 December 2014
Should we believe what we read? by Romany Howes 9 December 2014
Fun with words at Chiquen by Marilyn Owen 27 November 2014
Pooh to all that! by Romany Howes 24 November 2014
Going for the literary gold by Marilyn Owen 20 November 2014
Vape: Word of the Year by Garry Pierrepont 18 November 2014
Fillers - filling the empty spaces with empty words by Marilyn Owen 14 November 2014
The poetry is in the pity by Romany Howes 11 November 2014
We all have different talents by Marilyn Owen 6 November 2014
Dotting the i by Romany Howes 5 November 2014
Enough to give you a heart attack! by Garry Pierrepont 4 November 2014
Even robots aren't safe from ebola by Romany Howes 29 October 2014
Why is the English article such a problem? by Marilyn Owen 23 October 2014
Grammar and spelling don't matter - try telling NASA by Romany Howes 20 October 2014
Decadence sends the wrong message on The Apprentice by Garry Pierrepont 15 October 2014
There, their and they're by Marilyn Owen 14 October 2014
The complexities of written English by Romany Howes 7 October 2014
Lose the dot on a capital I by Garry Pierrepont 30 September 2014
Grammar returns to the classrooms - at last! by Marilyn Owen 22 September 2014
Proofreading Services by Romany Howes 1 September 2014
How 'the' and 'a' get mixed up by Garry Pierrepont 22 August 2014
Do we need punctuation in text messages? by Marilyn Owen 13 August 2014
Paying for proofreading students' work by Romany Howes 5 August 2014
Reject incorrect word contractions by Garry Pierrepont 29 July 2014
I don't need spelling, do I? by Romany Howes 23 July 2014
Gloˀ al stop - or whaˀ by Marilyn Owen 15 July 2014
To learn a language - immerse yourself by Garry Pierrepont 8 July 2014
Writing your first novel by Romany Howes 3 July 2014
The English language library in an Italian town by Marilyn Owen 25 June 2014
When in Rome - all speak English by Garry Pierrepont 17 June 2014
D-Day remembered? By whom . . . by Romany Howes 3 June 2014
Teacher corrects poorly written letter from pupil by Marilyn Owen 28 May 2014
US creative writing courses criticised for being 'too white' by Garry Pierrepont 20 May 2014
Enid Blyton Comes to McDonald's by Marilyn Owen 14 May 2014
Everyone has the right to education by Romany Howes 8 May 2014
Mills & Boon creates its own ebook app by Garry Pierrepont 29 April 2014
The Book Bus Road Show by Marilyn Owen 22 April 2014
The mystery of life by Romany Howes 28 March 2014
OCR is good - but it's not perfect by Garry Pierrepont 18 March 2014
Celebrating World Book Day by Marilyn Owen 12 March 2014
Punctuation isn't important? How commas can be catastrophic by Romany Howes 26 February 2014
Full stops are not separators by Garry Pierrepont 18 February 2014
Flood defences or a bit of light relief by Romany Howes 13 February 2014
English: word lending and borrowing by Marilyn Owen 7 February 2014
Hitler's Mein Kampf will return to Germany's bookshelves by Garry Pierrepont 29 January 2014
The good and the bad of social media by Romany Howes 28 January 2014
Encourage a love of reading by Marilyn Owen 22 January 2014
Software to predict the success of a novel by Garry Pierrepont 15 January 2014
Is Ruth Rendell right? by Romany Howes 9 January 2014
Because - the new preposition by Marilyn Owen 2 January 2014
Apostrophes gone mad! by Garry Pierrepont 17 December 2013
The ambiguous headline by Romany Howes 10 December 2013
We don't want no grammar! by Marilyn Owen 4 December 2013
Making Reality TV out of writers by Garry Pierrepont 25 November 2013
Self-publishing is Now Plan A by Romany Howes 18 November 2013
Exam Overhaul or U-Turn? by Romany Howes 12 November 2013
John Pye took the self-publishing route to success by Garry Pierrepont 8 November 2013
Th pwr f yr brn doesn't necessarily show you the best way to write by Garry Pierrepont 5 November 2013
Energy prices by Romany Howes 28 October 2013
Articles for your website by Marilyn Owen 21 October 2013
Malcolm Moores' autobiography on kindle by Garry Pierrepont 29 April 2013
Dropping the apostrophe - simplification without sense by Marilyn Owen 16 January 2012
Can't CV the Wood for the Trees by Garry Pierrepont 12 January 2012
Stay consistent as language develops by Garry Pierrepont 2 December 2011
Why is my CV rejected? by Romany Howes 21 October 2011
Proofreading exercise by Garry Pierrepont 14 October 2011
Beware incorrect compound words - thank you! by Garry Pierrepont 7 October 2011
Proofeading in a foreign language by Garry Pierrepont 15 September 2011
Proofreading rates by Garry Pierrepont 16 August 2011
Proofreading academic work by Garry Pierrepont 11 August 2011
Proofreading tests by Garry Pierrepont 19 July 2011
How to start proofreading by Garry Pierrepont 13 July 2011
Proofreading jobs by Garry Pierrepont 30 June 2011
Proofreading groups by Garry Pierrepont 14 June 2011
Proofreading courses by Garry Pierrepont 1 June 2011
How will i fare? by Garry Pierrepont 19 January 2011
The writing is on the wall by Garry Pierrepont 7 January 2011
Say aitch or I'll scream by Garry Pierrepont 23 November 2010
Be fussy - it's what we do! by Garry Pierrepont 8 July 2010
The power of the spoken word by Romany Howes 8 January 2010
Spelling likely to be changed by Internet usage by Garry Pierrepont 4 January 2010
Time to put an end to political jargon by Marilyn Owen 8 December 2009
English standards drop in primary schools by Garry Pierrepont 3 December 2009
Blogs-only newspaper by Romany Howes 27 November 2009
A good-sounding abbreviation is not always an acronym by Garry Pierrepont 12 November 2009
Celebrity authors come in for criticism by Romany Howes 29 October 2009
Read to your child by Marilyn Owen 23 October 2009
Kindle international e-book reader from Amazon by Garry Pierrepont 7 October 2009
Squiggles and an Arabian princess by Marilyn Owen 30 September 2009
Txt spk by Romany Howes 7 September 2009
Fight back for the apostrophe by Garry Pierrepont 1 September 2009
Council jargon is off the agenda by Garry Pierrepont 19 March 2009
As the saying goes ... or doesn't by Marilyn Owen 25 February 2009
Writing can be therapeutic by Garry Pierrepont 17 February 2009
Dictionary editors turn to Bebo for new words by Garry Pierrepont 13 February 2009
Another council drops its apostrophes by Garry Pierrepont 13 February 2009
Kindle 2 by Romany Howes 10 February 2009
The poor apostrophe gets bashed again by Garry Pierrepont 2 February 2009
Common mistakes in English writing by Marilyn Owen 8 January 2009
Aspects of proofreading sometimes neglected by Garry Pierrepont 24 December 2008
Xmas cheer by Romany Howes 15 December 2008
Do we need expressive punctuation marks??!! by Marilyn Owen 4 December 2008
English under threat again by Garry Pierrepont 10 November 2008
Researching information by Romany Howes 31 October 2008
Speaking of commas - how about the semi colon? by Marilyn Owen 23 October 2008
Why spelling matters by Garry Pierrepont 30 September 2008
Probably the best advice in the world... by Romany Howes 19 September 2008
The finer points of homonyms - hmmm! by Marilyn Owen 05 September 2008
Should I lament anymore for any more? by Garry Pierrepont 19 August 2008
The lowdown on press releases by Romany Howes 7 August 2008
Apostrophe's - what? by Marilyn Owen 25 July 2008

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