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Proofreading for International Students
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Are you taking advantage of the millions of people using e-books? Are you transferring your portfolio online? If so, you need us.

Transferring written copy to an electronic medium (Kindle, e-readers) requires either manual input or an OCR scan. I'm sure that you are aware of the errors caused by the OCR scan in terms of misspelling, grammatical inaccuracies etc. We are skilled in proof reading OCR scanned copy for older manuscripts. We correct ALL errors, format the books to your individual house style and present you with a completed manuscript ready for typesetting. We offer a professional and proficient service with a hand-chosen team of trained and skilled English proof readers.

Do you know when to use and en dash instead of a hyphen? We do.

Do you know when to insert and format paragraph breaks? We do.

Can you immediately spot and correct Americanised scripts? We can.

We are extremely competitively priced (from £200 per book) with an excellent turnaround time. Every book is proofed by a minimum of two highly-skilled managers, so that we are able to offer NO ERRORS. With a portfolio that includes authors such as Margaret Yorke, Baroness Orczy, J.I.M Stewart, Michael Gilbert and many more, we are the only solely UK-based and run company that offers this service.

For more details please contact us now at enquiries @WriteItClearly.com (disguised to avoid spam).

We can help you with these:   essays/theses   advertisements   annual reports and accounts   books and e-books   brochures, leaflets, menus   business documents   catalogues and directories   corporate literature   guides and handbooks   manuals   training, management procedures and operating instructions   manuscripts   menus and programmes   OHP transparencies and handouts for conferences and seminars   price lists   promotional literature   sales documents   staff newsletters