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Proofreading for International Students
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Menus and programmes

If you run a catering establishment, your main concern will be the quality and standard of food that you serve. Designing and proofreading menus is a headache and spelling mistakes can be rampant. These reduce the professional image of your establishment

Let us proofread your menus and programmes for you to avoid embarrassing mistakes. Spotted at a local takeaway:

"Succulent peaces of pork marinated in cream and served with a source of peppercorns on a bed of letters"!

WriteItClearly.com can proofread and correct any errors and ensure that your literature is word perfect in every aspect. We offer a competitive comprehensive editing service for as little as £10 - a small investment to ensure your company presents itself professionally and competently to its customers.

Call us now for an instant quote and complete peace of mind that your written words are of the highest standard. Remember, itís your reputation on the line!

We can help you with these:   essays/theses   advertisements   annual reports and accounts   books and e-books   brochures, leaflets, menus   business documents   catalogues and directories   corporate literature   guides and handbooks   manuals   training, management procedures and operating instructions   manuscripts   menus and programmes   OHP transparencies and handouts for conferences and seminars   price lists   promotional literature   sales documents   staff newsletters